RentClass manage luxury apartments for qualified leaseholds of short and medium periods with the following characteristics:

  • apartments / villas situated in central locations and / or strategic positions;

  • apartments in excellent state of maintenance;

  • apartments furnished with style and elegance;

  • apartments fully equipped (air conditioning, tv, dvd, stereo, utensils, electrical appliances in good condition)

RentClass will manage and care of your apartment through an organization of constant cleaning, minor maintenance, supervision and check up on tenants weekly on the property.

RentClass is capable of generating an income from your property, giving the owner the freedom to decide the length of the property management and leasing.

We kindly ask the owners to please send us by e-mail the photos of the property they intend to rent so that we can evaluate it and give you a quick response.

The mail address to send photographs of your property is the following: