Prices and reservations

The Price of a property depends on location, size, features of the apartment selected

Each apartment is totally furnished and equipped with the best and newest equipment available on the market.

The quotation of the rent can vary according to the duration of the stay.

Rent Class and the ALL INCLUSIVE formula

The Price includes the following services:
  • Rent
  • Building costs
  • Utilities (electricity and gas)
  • Agency commission
  • Routine maintenance
  • Final cleaning
  • Check-in and check-out
  • Prices are indicative and consider a middle range level property
  • Prices don’t include special offers
  • All rental contracts are customized, tailored made based on the number of people and duration of the stay


Our starting prices

per day

monthly price

Studio apartment
150,00 euro
1500,00 euro
1 bedroom
170,00 euro
2000,00 euro
2 bedroom apartments 250,00 euro 2500,00 euro
3 or more bedroom apartments 550,00 euro 3500,00 euro

An easy booking process: send us an email to : or call us at +

A check list of apartments available will be sent within few minutes, an easy reservation form will be sent and filled by the client.

Payment: We accept bank transfer, cheque and all credit cards are welcome

Deposit fee can be paid with cheque, cash, credit card or bank transfer:
  • 500,00 euro for stays no longer than 15 days
  • 1000,00 euro for stays up to 30 days
  • 2000,00 euro for luxury apartments